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Momprenuer Feature's Heather​ 2009 / 2014

​​​​Heather, Certified Newborn Care Specialist, Baby Sleep Coach, Nanny Matchmaker


In 2016  Heather attended the 2 day Advanced Newborn Care Training in Phoenix.  In 2012 she attended the 3 day NCS round of workshops at the yearly INA conference.  In 2008 she completed an NCSA Approved courses for Newborn Care Specialists, in 2005 a B.S. degree in MHFD, and in 2002 an A.A. degree with an emphasis in Child Development. 

 Heather is experienced,  trained and Certified in swaddling, feeding, bathing, diapering, scheduling, sleep training and other neonatal and postpartum matters such as cord and circumcision care, apnea, colic, gas and reflux. Aside from loving and caring for infants, as an Certified NSC and experienced nanny Heather strives to educate and empower parents on the most effective and relevant techniques of newborn, infant, and child care. She does her best to stay current on the latest issues and alternative natural solutions.

College and University Courses: 
Human Development
Adolescent Development
Parenting and Child Guidance
Families in Communities
Theories in Family Perspectives 
Critical Inquiry & Research Methods
Marriage Enhancement 
Strengthening Marriage and Family
Adolescent Psychology 
Psychology of Lifespan
Abnormal Psychology
Social Psychology
Religious Marriage and Family 
Behavior Management in ECE
Special Needs Child 
Academic Internship at Lakeridge Junior High (8 mos)​​

Utah State Hospital Youth Activities Program Committee (20 hours)

Advice: When Considering Heather or her NCS and Doula colleagues to guide you and watch over your precious little ones at this very special time in your life, review the candidate's experience and credentials, but make your decision based on heart!  The feelings of comfort and connection are most important in intimate, sensitive times like these.  

Throughout the years Heather has pursued education in Newborn Care and Development, Social, Child, and Abnormal Psychology,  Family Theory, Child, Adolescent and Human Development.  Because each family is unique, she has enjoyed working with a range of child rearing philosophies, leading to a continually adjusting balanced approach.  

 "I see life as a learning experience and I

learn and improve myself with each family

I have the blessing of working with.  I am

grateful to the many families who have become

a wonderful part of my life and contributed

to who I am today!"

In exploration of her love for babies, children, and families, Heather took several child development courses towards an Associates degree and decided to major in family science at a University.  In 2005 Heather graduated from BYU with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development.  After working with preemie triplet babies her heart lead her to further her education into newborn care.  In 2009 she became an NCSA Certified Newborn Care Specialist and has served as board member of the NCSA (Newborn Care Specialist Association) ncsainfo.com 

Heather has experience working with children of all ages, but now focuses on newborns, multiples and preemies.  Some of the special needs she's worked with are Eosinophillic Esphagitus, food allergies, Cardiac kids, social behavior issues, speech delays, Torticollis, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Heather is also experienced with the Apnea monitor, has a Fingerprint Clearance care and has completed several First Aid/CPR trainings. 

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Heather, owner of Sweet Sleep Newborn Care, is an experienced, NCSA Newborn Care Specialist Association Certified  Newborn Care Specialist (CNCS, NCS), a Postpartum Baby Doula (PPD) by practice, and member of the SBDN; San Diego Birth Network and the INA - International Nanny Association.  She combines 8 ½  years as a CNCS, a Bachelor'sdegree in Family Science and Human Development with 25 total years of private in-home childcare experience. Her experience includes twins, triplets, preemies, EOE, gastrointestinal disorders, protein allergies and intolerances, reflux, Apnea monitors, adoption, sibling adjustment, and high profile families, contributing to an ever growing list of resources for client families. 

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Sweet Sleep ​Newborn Care

I have so many wonderful things to say about Heather...  She is professional, dependable, patient, sincere, incredibly sweet, and highly competent in all aspects of newborn care... Most importantly, she was loving and sweet to my baby boy and always made sure his health & safety were her #1 priority.  ~Lonni; Mama & small business owner

Heather was fantastic to work with. She was very professional, easy to communicate with, has a warm personality, and had a genuine interest in our son. Heather looked at every aspect of our son's daily routine, and made very helpful recommendations... [and] she incorporated any requests we had. We constantly sing praises to the results of her work, and are so happy such a service exists. When we first contacted Heather our son was [only sleeping] 2 to 3 hours. We now put him to bed at 7:00pm and he sleeps until 6:00am most every night. Glorious sleep!!! All thanks to Heather! We are so happy we found her and highly recommend her.  ~Sean McManus, Cerritos, CA 

Heather has helped us out tremendously! She came to our house and showed us many tips, tricks and techniques to help our baby sleep. You can read and read everything online but it wasn't until she came into our house and showed us with our baby and with our things that it really made sense. In a few days we noticed a huge difference. We have a happier baby and much happier parents now that we are all getting sleep. She is dedicated and caring and really has a committed interest in helping us out. She has always been there for any support or questions after her visit. Heather is also full of wonderful resources for parents. We are so glad we called her.    ~Michelle

Heather was very  thorough and pays very close attention to detail. She listened to our concerns/needs and provided us with simple solutions to get us on track with sleep training. Within days of meeting with Heather our newborn was already sleeping extended hours and a couple of days later he was sleeping 11 hours solidly. ~Denise B, Phoenix AZ 

Heather is God sent. She truly empathizes with my experience with postpartum depression, since it has been difficult for me. Before she left she gave us a schedule and a overall direction on a daily routine and Charlie is much happier and healthier now.  Thanks to Heather, the whole family is doing well and parenthood is not as scary as it used to be.   ~Charlie's mom