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I hired Heather / GotNewborns to help out with my second child and highly recommend her... Heather is a natural with babies and you can tell she is passionate about what she does.  She is reliable, trustworthy, and extremely knowledgeable on everything regarding babies.  Heather has a positive attitude and is easy to get along with.  I really like her philosophy... she offers her opinion and gives recommendations, but ultimately respects the opinion(s) of the parents she is working with.  She answered all kinds of questions for me whether in person / on the clock or over phone or email at all hours of the day.  She was helpful with my toddler adjusting to his baby sister, she made recommendations on natural / organic household products that wouldn't harm my kids, and she even went shopping for me when I was too exhausted to do so myself.  If you're considering hiring a newborn care specialist, Call Heather immediately before someone else snatches her up! ​                                                                                        ~Gabi Messinger 

​​We asked for help and Heather answered!  She came into our lives when we needed help the most.  Luke was our second son and quite different from the first.  He was not sleeping well which led to increased post-partum in mom and frustration for dad.  We also had a three year son to care for as well, so we were desperate! She was warm and caring right from the start.  She really understood Luke's personality and recommended techniques that would work best for him.  It was a customized approach, not a "one fits all".  In between stays, Heather followed up with us by phone and email.  She was available to answer any questions that I had and always in a timely manner.  We would highly recommend Heather to any new parents or veteran parents like us who need help with their little one.  ~Casey Giles

Being first time parents we were truly overwhelmed and underprepared for the task of sleep training.  Heather came into our home and was so much more than just a sleep coach.  Not only did she care for our son throughout the night with such experience and responsibility, but she gave us the tools to stick with the plan she put in place on our own. For a goal oriented person this was heaven! ~ Emmy