Sweet Sleep ​Newborn Care

"Heather's calm, knowledgeable, and experienced approach to newborns instantly put all of us at ease. The lessons we learned from Heather were life changing for us and for our baby.  He is happier and so are we!"  ~Elizabeth

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Scheduling & Sleep Training

Consultations Customized for each family. Step-by-step plans for Empowered Parents of Sleeping Babies! New Parent Coaching, Intervention and Support. Personalized Nanny Hiring Services Families and Nannies Love!

Consultations, Education

& Nanny Hiring

Recover from Delivery or Cesarian and Rest while a Postpartum Baby Doula and Newborn Expert is there by your family's side. 

​                               *Helps Prevent PPD

Overnight Care & Relief

Discuss your ideas, hopes and concerns in establishing your baby care plan. Go Green with a Non Toxic Home, and set up the Perfect Nursery!


Pregnant & Planning

"I highly recommend Heather.  I left my three preemie newborns in her care and she never once failed me.  She is completely trustworthy and comes to you with excellent experience." ~Christina H.

"Heather was able to come in and provide instant relief to my husband and I.  Her knowledge on gentle sleep training and various ailments was extremely helpful.  We now have a beautiful happy 5 month old that sleeps 11-12 hours a night!" ~Dr. Trimming & Mrs. Trimming, Attny

"Heather was wonderful in helping us make the transition as new parents. She allowed us the opportunity to adapt to our new life giving us peace of mind knowing our newborn was in good hands. Without hesitation, we recommend Heather as a newborn care specialist." ~Mr. & Mrs. Brill Esq.

​​​​​Heather cared for my son who suffered from severe reflux and also dealt with a dairy sensitivity. Heather’s vast knowledge on newborn care, especially pertaining to babies with health issues, was invaluable. She was a huge asset in attending to his needs and making him as comfortable as possible. He really struggled with sleeping though the night, and her gentle manner with sleep training made quite a difference for us. Heather’s tender and soft demeanor, along with her loving and nurturing personality, make her a wonderful fit for any family!​ ~Kristen Z​​  

Expert Overnight Care and Sleep Training with the Perfect Schedule to promote your baby's growth, sleep & development!

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