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Whats the difference between Nanny Matchmaking and a Nanny Agency? Household staffing agencies can only send you available candidates from their limited registries, and often charge a higher fee.   Nanny Matchmaking starts with online nanny job posts where nannies actively looking for work are likely to come across the post and respond with interest.  If a suitable nanny doesn't come up during the search, Heather encourages and helps the family select a local nanny agency as an additional resource for finding highly qualified candidates to be interviewed for the position.  When working with an  agency alone, you conduct the interviews - with Nanny Matchmaking, every step of Heather's service is customized to the family and includes a nanny conceptualization consultation, phone and in person nanny interviews with each top candidate, and reference checks which are all put together on a beautiful, easy to read profile with pertinent information specific to your nanny position and family.    Agencies assume a level of liability for nannies hired through their service.  Sweet Sleep Newborn Care LLC collects and reports information for the client to asses, but is not liable for nannies recommended to the clients.  Clients assume all liability for who they meet and hire through Sweet Sleep Newborn Care LLC's Nanny Matchmaking and Nanny Hiring Services.  

Why not just do it yourself?   Parents often have very little time or energy to weed through and call all the applicants and  referrals from neighbor and friends to all the "great nannies,"  not to mention trying to schedule interviews that half the girls flake out on.  Overqualified nannies interviewed for  Nanny Matchmaking clients have gone out of their way to say that they were attracted to the job because of the ad, detailed and customized for each client, and that they held out for this job above all others they applied for!  This really gives our clients the pick from the cream of the crop!  If you are overwhelmed or too busy, look over the testimonials and give me a call! 

Nanny Matchmaking & Hiring Services

I'm excited!  I think it's a great fit. We have a connection and lot in common. You are very good at what you do!
--A happy nanny found for a blended family with a challenging  schedule

​​​ Heather has great resources for nanny conceptualization, searching, interviewing, reference checking, hiring, contracting and training.  She has a love for personality types and typing, which is absolutely essential in finding the right care provider for you!  Heather offers three different Nanny Hiring Services to give you an affordable hands on service, customized just for your family.  It will spare you the time, exhaustion and frustration by weeding out the flakes and find that one perfect girl for you!

"To Matchmaking clients I will become your own personal assistant when it comes to the nanny hiring process!  I post and search on the leading childcare job site to nannies looking for a child care position in your area right now!  I'll do all the leg work and get the top three candidates in front of you to met you and your little(s).  The hardest part you have to do is chose just one!"                                           

~Heather, Trusted Newborn Care Nanny Matchmaker

Heather was able to find the perfect nanny for our son and our family.  She conducted in-depth, face to face interviews with the final candidates and typed up all of the details so we were prepared when it was time to meet them.  She sent us two wonderful final candidates which made our decision very difficult!  But we couldn’t be happier with the nanny that we chose and she is the perfect fit for our family!

-First Time Parents, Arcadia, Az 

I called a referral service that my neighbor recommended and the fee was 3 times yours, and the service wasn't at all personable. You do so much more to find the right nanny!  We are so relieved to have you doing this for us again! ~ Repeat client, Law Enforcement Family, Phoenix

....Heather also helped me hire a nanny when I went back to work.  I was very stressed about finding a stranger to take care of my babies and after working with her I felt 100% confident in her judgement to find the perfect fit and we did! ~Twins Mom, Arcadia, Phoenix

When it came time for me to return to work we used Heather’s Nanny finding service... She did a phenomenal  job  figuring out what we needed and then finding the right person to match our family. We love our nanny! It took a huge load of stress off of usas new parents to have someone with nanny experience help us through the process.  We cannot recommend Heather enough! ~Repeat Clients, Scottsdale

When I saw this job post I really felt like this was the right job for me! I love that the family knows exactly what they want, yet you can tell they are really down to earth. I've interviewed with many other families, and I'd take this position over one that pays more! 
~An overqualified nanny
​ placed with client family




Sweet Sleep ​Newborn Care

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Nanny Matchmaking: In a 1 hour intake, together we will conceptualize your perfect nanny and get going on determining all of the job details!  I then create and post a custom nanny ad online. I keep you updated via phone and email as I conduct online nanny searching and pre-screening from 40-80 applicants down to the top 10 through profiles, applications, messages and phone interviews.  I'll do the first round of in person interviews to narrow down the most qualified applicants to the top 3 using customized interview questions based on what we are looking and screening for.  I’ll process standard background checks (if available) and handle all the reference checks, then put together written profiles and evaluations on the top 2-5 candidates for you to review and consider interviewing in your home.  We will discuss compensation and tax options and I will help you set up the final interviews, after which I'll help you select, try out, secure and train your new nanny! *add ons available

Half & Half - DIY & Matchmaking: After a 30 min phone intake to conceptualize your perfect nanny I will create, post, and manage a customized nanny ad.  I’ll prescreen and conduct phone interviews then send you the contact info on all the qualified applicants.  I will then guide you through the interview and hiring process and offer you all the resources from the DIY consultation.

DIY Nanny Hiring Consultation: DIY guidance on how to do what I do to find your match from the conceptualization to the hiring of your perfect nanny!

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