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Daytime Support

A 3 month old baby that is at least 12 lbs can (and we think should!) be able to sleep 10-12 hours through the night!  Heather offers sleep conditioning or training for all ages, but specializes in slow and gentle strategies from 0-3 months.

Parent Education

Nanny Hiring

Trusted Newborn Care offers 3 different Nanny Matchmaking packages to help your family get the right nanny in 2-4 weeks!  

Toddler Sleep Training

Sweet Sleep can help your family find the perfect balance!

  • Breastfeeding or Bottle

  • Breastmilk or Formula

  • Attachment Parenting or Parent Directed 

  • CoSleeping, Rooming In, or Nursery

Discussing, Stressing or Arguing over

As the new or expectant parents of multiples you may be feeling excited, overwhelmed or likely both! It takes more people to care for multiples than it does for a singleton, so finding help long before your babies are born is ideal.  Heather is experienced with twins and triplets, and can work in a team with higher order multiples!

Sweet Sleep Certified Newborn Care Specialists serve families by coming in at night to relieve parents of overnight care. Heather, CNCS of Sweet Sleep Newborn Care, specializes in slow and gentle sleep conditioning or training by starting with good habits from birth and implementing gentle strategic methods starting as early as 2 weeks.  At Sweet Sleep, everything we do is intended on easing the transition for your family during the newborn stage​​!

​​We all dream of that perfect little Angel Baby who nurses with ease, smiles all day and sleeps all night! Our client mommies, daddies, and babies thrive with nurturing baby experts by their side. Reduce or prevent PPD and Day-Night Confusion by booking Overnight Newborn Care Services before your baby arrives!  Let our Experts help you explore the right options for your family.   

Overnight Care

Twins & More

Planning Ahead

Newborn Care, Consultations, Sleep Training & Nanny Hiring

*Pre-booking includes tips and specifics of what to have on hand (as well as what items to avoid) 

to get your baby through the newborn phase and sleeping through the night!​​

Heather was able to successfully help our twins to sleep through the night by 4 months (my daughter at 8 weeks) which was amazing and unheard of for twins!  She was very professional, punctual and knowledgeable on how to sleep train and her skill set went way beyond the night shift.  My husband and I were able to rest easy each night she would come because we knew our babies were in great hands.

~Henry & Penelope's Mom 


Heather with GotNewborns was a wonderful experience.  Heather spent each night in the nursery and cared for our  premature twin baby girls.  That requires an incredible amount of trust.  Not only did I trust her completely, but I felt such relief at having her there as an additional resource.  I could ask her questions about feeding, daytime schedule, even illness.  I knew when she showed up, that I could completely relax and get some much needed sleep.  Heather is very knowledgable, professional and easy to work with.  I recommend her with

all my heart. 

​~Breanne; Mother of five

Do you have a 2-3 year old up late and throughout the night?  Ready to transition a little one from co-sleeping to their own bed in their own room?  Sweet Sleep offers a mutual respect philosophy with either a slow and gradual transition or hard and fast approach  to get the job done.


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Sleeping Through The Night

Heather, Certified Newborn Care Specialist and owner of Sweet Sleep and Trusted Newborn Care provides in-home parent education and is expanding to teaching community classes and speaking at parent groups.  Topics such as Newborn Care, Routines and Scheduling, Sleep Conditioning, Nursery Set Up, Finding and Hiring Child Care, etc. will vary at each event.

Newborn Specialists and Postpartum Doulas can come in to provide highly qualified newborn care, to assess sleep, scheduling, and feeding issues to help parents get their baby on track, and to help educate and support natural or adoptive parents / mothers in their new role with their newest family member!

“Heather has been a huge contribution to how well our baby girl sleeps!  We had read a few sleep books already, but there is nothing like having someone come in with the kind of experience and expertise as Heather.  ...she is a wealth of knowledge ...and she always makes me feel like a friend when I call. Thank you so much Heather!” 
~Dena, Steve & Andi

Whether in your home or over the phone, Heather, owner of Sweet Sleep, helps parents distinguish their babies cries, signs, and indicators about what they are and aren't ready for.  Heather will come in and focus on you and your baby, identify any issues then suggest and explain a simple course of action to get the results your family needs!  She will help you select and simplify your parenting style so that everyone is working together creating a more consistent, peaceful well rested  family!Includes Custom Step-by-Step Plan and Follow-up Support!

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